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    Forest Wall Murals are IN! Greenery, Colour of the Year 2017

    Forest Wall Murals are IN! Greenery, Colour of the Year 2017

    Your excuse to decorate with forest wall murals has arrived following the announcement of “Greenery” as Colour of the Year 2017. Each year the colour bible Pantone, announces what it predicts to be the prevailing shade used for all things from fashion, interior design, and even technology.

    Get your home ready for 2017 with our collection of luscious, green and fresh leafy feature walls.

    See some here


    Benifits of Digital Printed Wallpaper

    Benifits of Digital Printed Wallpaper

    Interior designers have relied on wallpaper for centuries to add colour, texture and patterns to spaces, but turned to paint whenever they wanted to create large one-of-a-kind murals. Meanwhile, technology did not stand still. Recent developments in digital printing have opened up a whole new world of possibilities to bring empty walls to life with breath-taking designs. Even if you’re one of those people who have a love-hate relationship with wall coverings, there is no denying the many benefits of digital wallpaper


    wallpaper patterns

    With digital printing, wallpaper designers no longer have to repeat patterns every so many inches. This breaking out of the box of repeats is exciting to say the least, as it makes anything possible. High-resolution photo wallpaper and large-scale designs are no longer an issue, and, since digital printing requires no rollers, digital wallpaper can have any colour imaginable. What’s more, colour gradients without hard lines are now possible, too.

    Hello, customized wallpaper

    Modern consumers with a taste for interior design don’t like settling for off the rack. And they don’t have to, thanks to digital printing. Because digital wallpaper manufacturers don’t have to sit on stock, they can easily print custom wallpaper on demand. And with all the easy-to-remove substrates available for digital printing today, trend-sensitive consumers can even change their wallpaper just like they change their wardrobe every season.


    Wallpaper Trends for 2017

    Wallpaper Trends for 2017

    Is that blank wall still bothering you? Are you an interior design lover who is not afraid to make a bold statement? Then you’re in for quite a few wallpaper trends, nay, wallpaper treats this year! Digital printing technology has not stood still in the last few years, and neither has wallpaper production – making it all the more easy for wallpaper designers to ring in the new year with a blast. In 2017, these wallpaper trends will be pampering walls all over the world …

    Interactive wallpaper

    Taking centre stage rather than just being a backdrop, interactive wallpaper is beyond doubt one of the most noteworthy trends to take over homes and offices in 2017. From black and white illustrations children can colour in to magnetic wallpaper you can use to hang artwork or put up pictures of loved ones, interactive wallpaper is a trend that appeals to all ages.

    Interactive wallpaper

     Florals with an attitude

    Floral wallpapers are very much in vogue in 2017, adding a feminine touch to many home interiors. Forget your grandmother’s intricate wallpaper, though: floral wallpaper in 2017 is much more bold and dramatic. Backgrounds are predominantly dark, and patterns tends to be oversized and leaning towards the exotic. Think banana leaves, hibiscus flowers, palm trees, …

    Wallpaper flowers

    A room with a (fake) view

    Gorgeous holiday snaps, lovely family portraits, cute pictures of pets, … customized photo wallpaper has become trendier each day. Surprising? Not really. The effect of a large-format photo wall is always breathtaking, and the possibilities are endless. For example, photo wallpaper is the perfect solution for windowless rooms.

    Photo wallpaper

    5. The ‘I can’t believe it’s wallpaper!’ trend

    The nothing-is-what-it-seems look will be very much on trend in 2017 as well. Trendsetters will be cladding their walls in trompe l’oeil wallpapers, creating stylishly furnished rooms that still breathe a homely atmosphere. Are you in love with the look of exposed brick, cork, timber, … but don’t want to risk ruining those freshly plastered walls? High-resolution photo wallpaper is your answer!

    Bricks wallpaper


    Become a wallpaper trendsetter

    Can’t find what you’re looking for in this year’s wallpaper collections? Nothing beats having your own wallpaper printed! Upload your design to and get a FREE Quote today!

    Why Choose Creative Wallpaper?

    Why Choose Creative Wallpaper?

    The #1 Selling Removable Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Fabric

    Creative Wallpaper is hassle free alternative to traditional wallpaper, it’s easy to install, wrinkle and bubble-free, no paste needed and certainly no adhesive residue.

    You can simply remove it and reposition it whenever you want, without having to worry: they’re tough and tear resistant.

    Guaranteed peace of mind and quality is what you need for your business.

    Creative Wallpaper is a premium manufactured 6 mil bright white matte coated 100% polyester  woven fabric with a water-based ultra-removable/repositionable adhesive and stay flat liner. This product  is engineered to provide you with excellent stability throughout print production, installation, repositioning and removal of the printed graphic.

    • Unique Premium 100% Polyester Woven Fabric
    • Reusable (applied over and over)
    • Self-Adhesive Peel & Stick
    • No Glue or No Mess
    • Ultra Easy Installation – Peel & Stick
    • Ultra-Removable / Repositionable
    • Higher End Look & Feel
    • High Print Density
    • Photo Realistic
    • Greater Opacity (Less see through)
    • Easy To Handle Panels
    • Enviromentally friendly
    • Removable without leaving residue
    • Your Photo / Image Custom Printed
    • Made to Fit any Size Wall
    • Printed Instructions Included
    • FREE Squeegee included
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Does not Stretch, Rip or Curl


    Become a wallpaper trendsetter

    Can’t find what you’re looking for in this year’s wallpaper collections? Nothing beats having your own wallpaper printed! Upload your design to and get a FREE Quote today!

    Welcome to Creative Wallpaper

    Welcome to Creative Wallpaper

    Creative Wallpaper is a leading Australian family owned and operated print and design company. Delivery is direct to your door all around the World!

    Providing services to interior designers, architects, photographers, corporate offices, retail spaces, residential homes and more.

    We have been operating for over 12 years, and since 2005 we have been providing high quality printing services to individuals and businesses for their homes, office and retail spaces.

    Specialising in Custom Printing yours or our photograph / artwork design onto premium self adhesive wallpaper media.

    We sell wholesale to retailers and we retail to the public.
    We also specialise in Drop Shipping direct to your customers.


    We Are Passionate at What We Do.

    We strive our best about providing you with the highest quality and easy to install wall murals, wallpapers and wall decals.

    Whether you have an image in mind, or need help selecting the right image for your space, our completely tailored service will assist you to create a unique and inviting space. We know that design is important to you, and so we aim to continuously improve all aspects of our products and services.

    Create, edit and simulate your own space using the innovative HP wall builder program, using your exact wall dimensions to view your personalised wall covering.

    At Creative Wallpaper, we are focused on providing you the best service possible, the easiest and most customisable online ordering program, the clearest instructions for installation and the largest range of images and patterns to choose from.

    We Care For Our Customers.

    Our friendly and personal customer service team can assist you with any aspect of the process. We believe in our wall murals, so if at any time you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    And no matter where you live, we deliver Australia wide and abroad!

    See why Creative Wallpaper should be your first choice for wallpaper murals.

    Be creative and express yourself, choose a unique wall mural that appeals to you!